The witnesses to the murder case that happened to a child named Angeline, Dewa Ketut Raka with Susiani and Rahmat Handono, they were planned to be confronted by the Bali Regional Police and also the Denpasar City Police who joined the joint team as joint investigators in the murder case and also the neglect of girls. the. Also stated by a spokesperson and legal assistant for the Integrated Service Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children of the City of Denpasar, whose full name is Siti Sapurah, is in the plan later by confronting witnesses to the case with each other and also accompanied by members of investigators from the combined Bali Police and Denpasar City Police. . At this time the case of the murder of a child named Engeline Margriet Megawe or better known as Angeline has been handled by the police from the Bali Regional Police. It was also said while at the Bali Police Headquarters that the murder and neglect cases had been merged because the court asked to do so. therefore these witnesses will be confronted by two investigators who have been deployed. On the agenda, witnesses will be confronted and will begin at 9 am Central Indonesian time. However, Dewa Ketut Raka, who was also appointed as a witness, had not yet arrived at Bali Police Headquarters. This was also revealed by Siti Sapurah about the plan at 9 am but it was delayed because witness Dewa Ketut Raka was not present. In the previous schedule which was set on Thursday 30 July 2015, witnesses will also be confronted. But the schedule had to be canceled because Dewa Ketut Raka was sick. It was stated again by the woman who was usually familiarly called by the name Ipung that later the information given by the witnesses would be matched with each other by the members of the Bali Police and Denpasar City Police, where the witnesses had seen the graves of victims trampled and sniffed by the suspect Margriet.