Ugliest Cars of All Time

Car manufacturers can be a bit overzealous at times. They are always out to prove a point and out-do each other. In doing so, they end up completely missing the point. In fact, a lot of ugly cars have been manufactured as a result.

We are not here to talk about the cars features, don’t get us wrong. That means a car on this list could be efficient and all. We are only looking at its body, so don’t get any hard feelings.

Without wasting much time, here is the list of the ugliest cars of all time that you can check out when you take a break from your Top10CanCasinos Online Casino Canada and video gaming.

Pontiac Aztek

We really do not know how we can describe how this car looks, except that it’s horrible. We just think that this car violates all the principles of aesthetics. The car has a hatchback, and the sides are slabbed. On top of that, the wheels  are small, in our opinion. Seriously, this car looks like a toy with its ugly shape and all.

Fiat Multipla

Looking at this car made us laugh back here. We really thought that this is a bizarre-looking car. It comes with all these strange bulges we have no clue what they are for. It almost looks like someone decided to make a car out of plastic then eventually decided to pump it with some air. 

Strange enough, you get running lights right below the windshield. There is also a bulge right where the lights are located. Seriously, this is one of the funniest cars to ever been developed.

AMC Pacer

This 70s car looked nothing short of ridiculous. The designers at AMC really thought they were making a car that would make noise. Well, it makes a different kind of noise. In fact, the car was mocked by everyone who saw it. It had a really odd design, and came with asymmetric doors. Somehow, they decide to make the right door longer than the left door. This was so as to make it easier for passengers to climb into the back.

Later on, AMC desidec to make a station wagon version of the car, which was a huge mistake. This is because everything that was stored in the back would actually fall out each time the right door was opened. As if that was not enough, the company decided to convert the car to a right-hand drive for other markets. This meant that the long dorr was now located on the wrong side.

Citroën AMI

The Ami was introduced to the market in 1961 and is one of the ugliest cars we have ever seen. This car came with a reverse rake rear window, which we think had dubious aesthetics. It also came with headlights that were rectangular. At the time, that was one of the first cars to ever introduce rectangular headlights, making it strange for most people. 

AMC Gremlin

This car was just badly proportioned, to say the least. Each time you looked at the car from the side, it resembled a different thing every time, depending on the light, as well as the angle. 

It featured a hood that was elongated, giving this weird finish.

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