In the 47th Muhammadiyah Conference in Makassar, an official recommendation was issued by the Muhammadiyah Youth by issuing a fatwa on the corpse of a suspect in a corruption case and did not need to be corrupted and their religious practices during their lifetime were considered illegal. Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak as the Chairperson of Muhammadiyah Youth Center said this in his speech Tuesday night at the Plenary Session III of Regional and Autonomous Dynamics at the Univ Campus. Muhammadiyah Makassar. Both recommendations according to Dahnil must be disseminated to the public. This is considered as a form of affirmative action from Muhammadiyah, and also proves that Muhammadiyah must be firm in responding to the problem of corruption which is in fact the main problem in the country. It is said that the perpetrators of corruption clearly killed people slowly,

Dahnil also said that moral bonds must be possessed by Muhammadiyah, and also moral authority which must be widely conveyed to all his people. Muhammadiyah is very obliged to convey that the crime of corruption is not only about problems in the political sphere, but also becomes a problem for the public because in essence the public property rights have been seized by these corruption criminals.

Dahnil also added about the founder of Muhammadiyah namely Kiai Ahmad Dahlan who had once built schools and various other types in the interests of the people and to fight the stupidity and poverty caused by the Colonial occupation. Renewal at the present time must also be carried out by Muhammadiyah, stressed Dahnal, through anti-corruption jurisprudence and conducting advocacy activities that corruptors should not be tolerated anymore. This message is very important for Muhammadiyah as a mass organization that is considered big by this nation and country. While the government seems to have put aside some national and state interests, Muhammadiyah is required to be able to give a helping hand to help the nation and state. For the problem of corruption, of course, Muhammadiyah must be very strict.