This is not the end of everything when the pretrial lawsuit filed by Dahlan Iskan as a suspect in a corruption case in the substation project in Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara was accepted and that was the opinion of the Attorney General’s Office. Even Tonny T Spontana as Head of the Legal Information Center added again that this was just the initial process for handling the case and would be reviewed again. Tonny T Spontana also went further that with the receipt of the pretrial lawsuit filed by Dahlan Iskan it would also only be considered as a difference of opinion between the judgments made by the judge and the investigators regarding the issuance of an investigation warrant (Sprindik), and the establishment of Dahlan Iskan as a suspect in a corruption case for the electricity substation construction project. As is well known from the statement given by Judge Lendriyati Janis as the sole judge of the South Jakarta District Court that the determination that made Dahlan Iskan a suspect in a case of alleged corruption in a substation construction project in the regions of Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara by the Prosecutor’s Office DKI height is considered by itself as an illegitimate decision. Then regarding the Investigation Order Number: Prin-7522 / O.1 ​​/ Fd.1 / 06/215 that was issued by the DKI High Prosecutor’s Office on June 5, 2015 which also set Dahlan Iskan as a suspect in a corruption case also considered as a matter of which is not legal by the judge, and also allegedly not in accordance with the law so that the binding force to make Dahlan as a suspect was considered not so strong. The evidence and witnesses presented at the pretrial hearing became the basis for the decision given by the judge. And also the day before Dahlan Iskan was made as a witness for a number of suspects in a suspected corruption case at the substation development project on June 4, 2015 then the next day he was named a suspect, then this was also a consideration by the judge.